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Sigarun raises 22.500 euro for charity

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May, the Sigarun was held: a 24-hour run on and around the site of cigar manufacturer J. Cortès. The initiative raised 22,500 euros for charity. 

Driving force behind the Sigarun has been Celine Bergen for two years in a row already. Two years ago, she was asked by her employer J. Cortès to organise an event in the context of an activity campaign. Shortly before that, she had lost her father to cancer so the choice to raise money for the cancer fund 'vzw Jean Marie Bergen' was obvious. 

As a cigar manufacturer, we are even more aware of our social responsibility. We wanted to launch an event to encourage our employees and their acquaintances to get more involved in sports. The opportunity to support a charity at the same time completed the picture. 

  Fred Vandermarliere - CEO J. Cortès   
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The Sigarun attracted 1000 participants over the two days. It is the second time that Sigarun is able to donate a substantial amount to charity (in 2015, no less than 20,000 euros was raised), partly thanks to the financial and logistic support from J. Cortès.Sigarun 2016Visit site

About Cortès 

J. Cortès is a Belgian family business with a passion for cigars that was founded in 1926. Boasting 2 factories in Belgium (Handzame and Zwevegem), 1 factory in Sri Lanka and 1 under construction in the Dominican Republic, they can easily call themselves a world player. Cortès’ slogan ‘Don’t smoke but enjoy’ symbolizes the company philosophy that has been pursued since the very beginning, and of which Fred Vandermarliere is the perfect ambassador.

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About J. Cortès

J. Cortès is a family run company with a passion for cigars. Cigars in all shapes and sizes. It's a never-ending story of dedication and craftsmanship that started in 1926. Don't smoke but enjoy! Our prime brands are J. Cortes, Country, Neos and Amigos. For the major European countries we have strong in-house sales teams; for other markets our brands are in the hands of our export managers and sold over 80 countries globally. In 2016 CEO Fredje fell in love with artisanal cigar company Oliva Cigars, based in the US and Nicaragua. A business marriage was set and it turned out to be the party of the year. The Cortès family business now spreads across two continents.

Don't smoke but enjoy!