J.Cortès and Oliva take you on an amazing journey with a revolutionary Virtual Reality film

Attend the première and discover this unique experience at InterTabac 2016

In July the family-owned business J.Cortès announced the acquisition of US based Oliva Cigars. Never before has a family-owned business in the cigar industry been represented this strongly on both continents. Never before did two businesses unite over two hundred years of love for tobacco, cigars and - of course - life itself.

J.Cortès is launching a unique Virtual Reality experience that guides you through the authentic Nicaraguan cigar craft shops, to celebrate this love and bring to life the story of the two families.

J.Cortès collaborated with a Belgian 3D-studio for the production of this VR-film. The result is something to be proud of. A unique capturing of the tobacco fields and local crafts shops in Nicaragua. You'll find yourself in the middle of the tobacco fields, feel the craftsmen’s love for their cigars and witness with your own eyes how the cigars are hand rolled. The smell experience rounds off this unique adventure. Truly unforgettable!

The VR-film will be released for the first time at Oliva's booth, located 4D22 – hall 4, at InterTabac 2016.


J.Cortès and Oliva at InterTabac 2016

As always J.Cortès will welcome you in style at both booths, where you’ll discover the entire range and all the novelties J.Cortès and Oliva have to offer. The famous Cortèsien-spirit will once again make this year another 3 days of fun with a relaxed atmosphere where everybody feels welcome.

On Saturday night, there is an invitation-only party at Cortès Club, a memorable party to close the trade show with. How can you join this blue wave party? Discover our products, make an appointment with one of our sales guys or get hold of your contact person at J.Cortès to get your ticket!

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About J. Cortès

J. Cortès is a family run company with a passion for cigars. Cigars in all shapes and sizes. It's a never-ending story of dedication and craftsmanship that started in 1926. Don't smoke but enjoy! Our prime brands are J. Cortes, Country, Neos and Amigos. For the major European countries we have strong in-house sales teams; for other markets our brands are in the hands of our export managers and sold over 80 countries globally. In 2016 CEO Fredje fell in love with artisanal cigar company Oliva Cigars, based in the US and Nicaragua. A business marriage was set and it turned out to be the party of the year. The Cortès family business now spreads across two continents.

Don't smoke but enjoy!