TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference 2017, Singapore

The company was once again present at the annual meeting of the Duty Free industry in Asia. The largest Duty Free and Travel Retail summit in Asia, Singapore. This year, our booth was manned by Emmanuel Claerbout (export manager Asia) and Thomas Gryson (travel retail coordinator) for sales. Very loyal visitor and participant of the TFWA Tissa Dissanayaka was this year not present because of sickness.

As last year, we continue to focus on our Travel Retail - Exclusive Neos Selection 50 cigars; offered in a luxurious tin, wrapped in a sleeve and topped off with a purchase gift. In addition to that, we are targeting the growing market of cigarillos in Asia and the Middle-East, both flavored and non-flavored, with our Neos Flavor Collection. For the first time, we have presented the premium handmade cigars Oliva and Nub. J. Cortès acquired in 2016 the USA-based Oliva Cigars family business with branches in Miami and Nicaragua. With this acquisition, J. Cortès aims to diversify its product portfolio and further establish its position in the worldwide cigar market.

In addition to the new products, all visitors at the J.Cortès & Oliva stand, will experience the incredible story of 2 cigar families and the making of the best cigars in the world via an unique virtual reality video. Expect something completely different and spectacular once you have put on the VR-glasses.

During the show the newest J.Cortès corporate movie was presented to the visitors and tells the true story behind the company’s family and history as well as its brands. The importance of originally branded editorial content for luxury brands is growing as consumer conversations through social media increases. J.Cortès and Neos can benefit largely from a genuine story in this virtual world. During the exhibition we regularly sent out Twitter messages to the public using the hashtags #TFWA and #JCortes.

The TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition and Conference is not solely a four-day fair but an excellent opportunity to enlarge your network at a series of informal events where retailers, agents, suppliers and all parties meet.

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About J. Cortès

J. Cortès is a family run company with a passion for cigars. Cigars in all shapes and sizes. It's a never-ending story of dedication and craftsmanship that started in 1926. Don't smoke but enjoy! Our prime brands are J. Cortes, Country, Neos and Amigos. For the major European countries we have strong in-house sales teams; for other markets our brands are in the hands of our export managers and sold over 80 countries globally. In 2016 CEO Fredje fell in love with artisanal cigar company Oliva Cigars, based in the US and Nicaragua. A business marriage was set and it turned out to be the party of the year. The Cortès family business now spreads across two continents.

Don't smoke but enjoy!