J. Cortès boosts the morale of its employees

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Zwevegem, 8 April 2020 – Cigar manufacturer J. Cortès is also doing its best to contain the coronavirus by strictly observing the necessary contingency measures. The company has produced a video clip to support its employees in the United States, Sri Lanka and Dominican Republic.

Because the manufacture and shipping of cigars from home is simply not possible, the J. Cortès factories are remaining open for now. However, strict measures are in place so that the virus has no chance to spread. Those who are able to work from home are doing just that.

And, to boost the morale of its employees, J. Cortès has produced a short video clip. In this video, we see employees from Belgium, Miami, Sri Lanka and Dominican Republic send each other thumbs-ups and messages of encouragement.

“These are difficult and scary times for all of us”, says CEO Frederik Vandermarliere. “With this video, we want to show all our employees that they aren’t alone. Together we’re stronger and together we’ll get through this!”

We are offering the video in preview form to you here.


For further information or interviews, please contact Laure Boisbouvier,

Marketing Manager J. Cortès (Laure.Boisbouvier@jcortes.com) or Olivier Mottrie, Marketing J.Cortès (Olivier.mottrie@jcortes.com/+32 (0) 472 42 36 21)

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