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Zwevegem/Miami, 28 August 2020 – Oliva Cigars has premiered a new concept in the cigar world: a unique QR-code for every cigar box from the Serie V Melanio line! This QR-code will reveal the origins of the cigar and open up the beautiful world where the cigar has been made...

QR-codes – or Quick Response codes – have been used on packaging for some time. These two-dimensional pixelated codes are easy to scan with a smartphone camera and contain more information than classic barcodes.

Unique QR-code

From now on, Oliva Cigars will be printing a unique QR-code on each of its Serie V Melanio cigars. Anyone who scans such a code will find detailed background information about that particular cigar, as CEO Cory Bappert explains. “For example, we pinpoint the factory where the cigar was rolled and what tobacco was used for it. And we also identify the Bonchero and the Rolero. The Bonchero handles the first step before the cigar gets rolled, while the Rolero makes sure that the wrapper is rolled around the cigar.”

Besides putting a face behind the product, Oliva also included videos of their factories behind the QR codes, made together with the Belgian studio Cnockspot. “People like to know from what farm their food is coming; where their wallet and T-shirt has been made and who finished the table they just bought… We are happy to offer as the first ones in the industry a similar experience for the cigar smoker."

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A Belgian data tech start-up Esoptra has assisted us in developing this innovation approach. Their platform ZAZA.Rocks (“Zero App Zero Account”) leverages QR codes to easily link the journey of a unique product to the experience of a unique customer. “The ZAZA QR code opens up a unique two-way communication channel between the smoker and the cigar. The smoker gets rich information about the cigar, and in return provides feedback about his smoking experience. Going forward, we look to further enrich the QR codes with additional features useful for our Customers.”

This innovation, the only one of its kind in the cigar world, perfectly matches the Oliva concept. Frederik Vandermarliere adds, “A cigar isn’t just for smoking, it’s about pure enjoyment too. With this innovation, we want to give our cigar connoisseurs an added experience.”

For further information or interviews, please contact Laure Boisbouvier, Marketing Manager J. Cortès (Laure.Boisbouvier@jcortes.com) or Olivier Mottrie, Marketing J.Cortès (Olivier.Mottrie@jcortes.com /+32 (0) 472 42 36 21)

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